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Names you shouldn’t give your kids


Now, I am certain this will be the first segment of MANY names that I will come up with as I go further in my career, but I just thought I might as well start now. These are some that I had during my rural month in Leavenworth Kansas, and some from my third year rotations. I am sure there are more, but these are the ones I remembered.

White Male: CO pronouced Q. Why? CO stands for Court Order

Black Male: Yo’Haness King Phillips

Black Female: L-a, pronounced Ladasha

White Female twins: First names; Ima and Yura. Last name Hog

Black Male: Never. Why? “Cause I ain’t NEVER doing this shit again”

Black Male: Delazone…sound it out now…De….laz(last)…one

Middle Eastern Male: And to be fair, this is a cultural one; Shithead, pronounced Satheed


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