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Crossing the Line: Out of Intern, into Second Year

Once again I took a little bit of a hiatus before coming back. Since I have been gone, I have found new found respect for ER doctors. OMG! I don’t know how they do what they do. I mean honestly. 40% of their patient population are people who use the ER because they don’t have a primary care doctor because they can’t afford them, (no insurance) another 40-50% of the patients, and actually, let me correct that, 40-50% of the adult patients are malingering, drug seeking punks of the earth, or people who just need a place to come in to get some warmth and a nice sandwich. The rest are either dead or dying on arrival, and then, the few that actually have a legitimate serious, emergency department problem. Its no wonder that ER doctors are probably the most jaded disgruntal doctors you will ever meet. They are also the smartest, at least, the good ones are. I mean think about it, they have to wade through the bullshit and find those 5-10% percent of the population who have an emergency, or worse, whose nagging pain is actually cancer or something hopefully not so terminal, but yet still serious. Then, the really good ones, will also realize that we, the doctors are probably the main reasons we HAVE drug seekers. I mean, we were the ones that prescribed them narcotics for their menstrual cramps because we just wanted them to stop coming in and complaining on it. Or we were the ones that didn’t write a taper for the narcotics and just trusted that they would stop taking the pain meds when they stopped having pain. You see, the really good ER doctors will realize this, and still give these drug seekers the time of day, take responsibility for being a part of the problem, and try to slowly wean them off the heavy stuff.

Next, I was in the full term nursery, and I LOVED IT!! I loved playing with the babies, I loved talking to the mom’s, and I loved learning from both the babies and the mothers. You know, all my friends that already rotated through the nursery said that I would hate it cause I would be bored out of my mind. But, I really wasn’t. I mean, if you think about it, as a pediatrician, what do your pregnant friends or mother friends and relatives ask you about? It certainly isn’t about how much fluid you should give their sickle cell patient or how to manage cystic fibrosis from an inpatient prescriptive. No, the questions they ask you is about their newborns, their toddlers, things we see in clinic. I think that clinic and Newborn nursery is the bread and butter of pediatrics. I really do, and I want to be damn good at it, so I was able to take the time to read, and study and actually apply everything to work everyday. It was pretty awesome. When I did that, this rotation was just as educational and almost as intense as the neonatal intensive care unit. It was awesome. Not to mention all the crazy as stories I got out of it. Yeah, there were a couple of times, I should have just logged on, and wrote them down because they were hilarious. I mean, from a 16 year old mom who got pregnant from her baby daddy, and had him in the room at the same time as her husband, to the dumb ass names people still insist are cute and ok. Like Destiny, Semaj (James backwards), and my personal favorite; First Name-New; Middle Name-Hi; Last: Riseson. Yes folks, this bouncing baby boy’s name is New Horizon.

Now, for the past month, I have been on Junior Ambulatory, which is essentailly a bunch of continuity clinics (which again, unlike my fellow residents, I love), shadowing social workers, nurses, and other people that make our clinics run really well. It has been awesome. I have also had the chance to work on implementing a community and advocacy rotation into our curriculum, which is AWESOME cause that is one of the reasons why I am at my current residency program. It is one of my goals, and I really hope I get to make it happen. The rest of the time, well, I have been freaking out because….well…in three days….I….will….be…done….with…my….INTERN YEAR!!! I used be excited that I actually made it a year, and I haven’t killed anyone yet, and I am actually, slowly, very slowly accomplishing some of my goals, but I am SCARED SHITLESS. I haven’t killed anyone because I had layers and layers of protection. I am supposed to protect and teach an intern? I am supposed to teach medical students? People are going to be asking me questions? Are you kidding me??!! I am not ready to be a senior?? OMG!!!

Ok, breath. Just breath. This is in fact a milestone. This is the first of three finish lines till well, I get tossed into the real world. F!! I am going to go back and doing some studying. I plan to be back by July 1st. I hope to have some time to let you know how it goes. July 1st. Starting where I started as an intern. The inpatient floor. Now, this July 1st…a Floor senior.

I hope you are ready for another year of adventures!


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