The Case of The Ferocious Ferret

Or, the case of the really fucking stupid ass hole horrible excuse for human being parents. And yes, I did just drop the F-bomb. I don’t normally do that, but as you will soon see, it was warranted.

So, as I stated in my last post, I am in the full term nursery this month, and actually, today was my last day. All in all, it was a pretty good month, no crazy parents, with the exception of the mom who decided to only smoke pot for the first three months of pregancy. No big deal. Nothing really happens in the first three months of pregancy anyways right?

But, generally, a pretty laid back month. Well, today,  I hear about a child that was being transported to our inpatient service. He is a six month old male infant whose parents left him alone with the family pet ferret While left alone with the family pet ferret, said ferret ate 17 of this little infant’s  20 digits.

Sadly, no, this is not a joke. Its just sad. I mean, the poor baby was left alone, while the ferret at 17 out of his 20 digits. Essentially, this baby was tortured, while his parents were God only knows where. The story given by the parents was that they were in the “other room” and when the father came in ( he thought he heard the child crying) and saw the ferret over his bloodied child he threw the ferret against the wall and killed it. Now, how true can this story be? I mean, I am sure he did infact kill the family pet out of anger. But, this whole being in the “other room” buisness while his child was being eaten. Lets take a closer look at what it would take for a ferret to eat 17 digits.

You many not be able to tell by the picture on the let, but turns out, that ferrets have four types of teeth.  1) Twelve small incisors located in the front of the mouth used for grooming. 2) Four canines used for killing prey.  3) Six molars used to crush food.
And lastly4) Twelve premolar teeth that they use for chewing food. The ferret uses these teeth to cut through flesh, using them in a scissors action to cut the meat into digestible chunks.

Now, lets look at the cute little digits of your average sized American six month old baby.


So, given what you see here, and knowing now what you do about how ferrets use their teeth, how long do you think it took to take out all but one pinky and two big toes? I mean, think about it, at most using the premolars, it could take out two fingers at a time. That is really generous because most likely using the premolars, it would be more like gnawing off one finger at a time., because yes, the bones of the fingers were also gone. For those of you who may not have any experience with babies you know…at all, let me just say, with any noxious stimuli, they will cry, and more accurately screem with a high pitched intensity. So, if the parents really were just in the “other room” that ferret could have most only taken out two fingers, and or toes before they should have come running. But now, that poor child underwent pain that most adults couldn’t endure and will be marred for life.

Why? Because his fuck up of an excuse for parents, were clearly no where near that child, or if they were, were so high that they were not paying any attention. I mean, this kid’s life…I just can’t imagine. There are so many things wrong with this whole situation, I don’t even know where to start. But then again, do I need to say anything more?


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  1. Isley said

    Gah, I wish I could unread that. Boy, it takes some stones to be a doctor.

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